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This milestone is important because equal representation of physical affection and sexual interaction between women on television is critical to desensitizing lesbian sex and portraying lesbian relationships as healthy and multi-faceted.The upcoming is showing this potentially controversial scene on its way out, when Whedon and company have little left to lose, but this does mean a larger audience will be exposed to it, since there are so few episodes left that hardcore and casual fans are tuning in in droves.She also reprised her role as Amber Volakis for the House series finale "Everybody Dies". In 2015, Dudek played villainess Dawn Lin in an episode of NCIS: New Orleans, and also made a guest appearance in the fifth season finale of Rizzoli & Isles. has pushed the envelope in terms of of lesbian representation on television in many ways, but not on the physical-affection front.Although lesbian witch Willow (played by Alyson Hannigan) and her first girlfriend Tara (played by Amber Benson) were together for two and a half years, the sexual aspects of their relationship were subtextual rather than textual, especially in the beginning.

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Dudek appeared in several episodes of the HBO series Big Love as a child bride.

Dudek had a recurring role on House (from season 4 onwards) as Dr.

She starts to address the SITs she believes are in the room, “Okay guys, Giles said that Faith said that we should…” She looks up to see that the only one in the room is Kennedy, wearing a nightgown and laying seductively under the sheets in the candle lit room. Kennedy kisses Willow back, taking the map from her and dropping it on the floor. in 1997, Ellen and her girlfriend discussed sex and actually walked into the bedroom together (both firsts at the time).

“C’mere.” Willow, smiling, slides in under the sheets next to Kennedy. But no series has yet shown two women having sex together in bed (or anywhere else).

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