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I have used all my efforts to suppress the appalling scene at Zack's in my mind.

Don't think too much about this placing." Abby explained.

"I was interrupted by a few whispers and points from the senior company.

"Well Maddie, I just hope you don't your boyfriend win," Christi grumbled. Nick's hand swiped his head in frustration and turned to face the mirror. Her head leaned on Nick's back as Nick curled his hands into fists. The booming voice of Abby, the chattering of our moms and the whispers of the girls seemed to dwindle into a buzz. "Hey Mads, you gonna join the competition this week? "You, come in." I followed her in, preparing myself for a lecture. I don't care about who you're dating as long as you don't let him win you on purpose, kay? "You're dismissed." I climbed up to the mom's viewing room. I walked over to the other side of the viewing room and stood there for a minute.

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