Chris wragge alycia lane dating

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Despite the fact that Bill is/was married to the same woman for years and had a bunch of teenage kids, it was clear to a lot of us that Bill was sort of in love with Steve.

And sure enough, not too long after the friendship blossomed, Bill and his wife separated. Has anyone else noticed how a while back Chris Cimino had his eyebrows shaped.

Not sure who's where when they're in bed, but they way they are always touching, they're little pet names and inside jokes, and leers when they are on the air has convinced me they are definitely an item when the cameras are off. A light shining off those choppers would guide ships 300 miles out to sea.

Not that I found him "hot" but does anyone remember blond weekend weather queen Tony Williams? Erica Hill says to Chris Wragge "Maybe Lonnie Quinn will get you something this year! Didn't cute weatherman at Channel 7 action news John Kleekamp marry his adorable boyfriend Mike Huckabee before Mike accepted a job as a business reporter on MSNBC??

I saw him a few weeks ago at Jack Rabbit sports on 14th street. I was surprised to see little Sven at Temple today. Having just fucked Jim recently, I can tell you that was not HIS wedding in that video. This is to reply 17 about wanting to see Bill Evans - Shirtless and Sweaty. I would love seeing him and other male newscasters do a modeling show for charity where they are in their bathing suits.

What a hot body he has - and an ass that sticks out in all the right places. I'm wondering if he has a nice Jewish BF he's spiritually supporting or if he's converted.... It was so packed in there when he arrived, he just squeezed his hot little enthusiastic ass at the end of the row, then excused himself. Corina is his "beard" (they met in acting class) and she was his plus one at a wedding in Maui - but they were not the ones getting married. Or have a massage therapist come on the news and get Bill Evans to take off his shirt and lay down on a table and get a massage on the air.

Just wonder if he ended up on your local TV station.

Lonnie dumped the beard once he was settled into his NY gig - she's still in Miami; she's a Cuban woman - it was a greencard marriage and the kid is adopted.

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