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“I learned how to make a melody and how a song is structured,” he explains.After graduation Gilmore toured as a roadie with his father, who, after hearing Colin’s songs and being duly impressed, got his son up to perform with his band and sometimes open shows.Gilmore has been informed by those observations, writing songs and building a reputation for his engaging live performances under his own name.Recorded in Austin and Chicago and featuring guest appearances from Amanda Shires, Sally Allen and more, The Wild and Hollow shows Gilmore continues to push his own musical boundaries while remaining true to the high standards set by his musical heroes.Merging an ethereal folk rock sound with traditional roots, blues and country, Colin recorded this album in Chicago and Austin, drawing on the inspiration both cities gave him.Influences like Roy Orbison and Tom Petty shine through here.

Zierten, Shaying Zhao, Ravi Sachidanandam, Barbara J.

Narayan, Beena Neelam, Deborah Nusskern, Douglas B.

Jeffrey, Libusha Kelly, Laura Lazzeroni, Michelle R.

“His music was cutting edge yet was really based on roots music.

What he was doing at the time was very radical: based on and combining, blues, country music and also a bit of Mexican influence.” “All my life, music has been something that makes people feel like they’re not alone and connected with other people and the whole world. “I want to use music as a means to rediscover the earth and bring as many people along with me as I can.

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