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People in the era enjoyed various types of music and dance.Discover facts and information about the music, musical instruments, the troubadours and the minstrels.This section detailing interesting facts, history and information about Middle Ages Castlesillustrate the strength, magnificence and power of the Medieval warlords and their fortresses.

The Middle Ages Shields and the Medieval Swords including the Broadsword, the Falchion sword, the Greatsword, the Longsword and the Scimitar.The Medieval Kings and Queens of the Royal Houses of Lancaster and York and the Wars of the Roses in the Middle Ages.The Middle Ages Feudal System and the terrible Black Death which really did plague the period of the Middle Ages. The life of all the classes in the Middle Ages was dominated by the feudal system.Learn about jousting, the History of Jousting, Jousting Terminology and Jousting Weapons.Finally facts, history and information about a Knights Armor, Chainmail and his war horse called a Destrier.

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