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I think that I really just tried to give Paul a big heart.He's a nice guy, he really cares for her, and he just doesn't fit in this world.I actually left the country the day after Thanksgiving, so I haven’t gotten a chance to see it, I'm so bummed. I didn’t speak to [Amy] until I got to set, but she and Dan were there and it was like no time had passed.

She is so talented and she has this great pace and style to her dialogue, which is sort of this amazing combination of theatrical and realistic.

Rory's lack of emotional investment in her long-term squeeze and the subsequent lack of guilt she felt for cheating on him was tough to swallow for some longtime fans of the show.

(Sherman-Palladino and Palladino addressed some of that Rory criticism here.) However, to get both sides of the argument, Have you gotten a chance to watch the episodes yet?

Did you see any parallels between your was like a young indie musician who is kind of leading Lauren Ambrose's character, whereas Paul is just desperately kind of holding onto Rory's coattails.

Obviously, a lot of the plot points and details about the revival were kept under wraps.

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