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Mason said the university’s approach to speaker events concerning sexual behavior also tended to be overly regimented.When the Lecture Fund hosted Planned Parenthood President Cecile Richards in April 2016, the university dictated that seats be allotted to both H*yas For Choice and anti-abortion rights group GU Right to Life and that both organizations be given equal time at the microphone during the subsequent question-and-answer session.“It’s within Georgetown’s rights to promote a Catholic understanding of human sexuality and the human person; some might even say that it’s Georgetown’s duty to do so,” Irvine wrote in an email to The Hoya.“It would be a colossal betrayal of Catholic values to recognize H*yas for Choice as a student group.” While Irvine believes that the administration has given both Love Saxa and GU Right to Life a space to freely express their ideas, she said both organizations encounter hostility from members of the student body who do not think the groups should be allowed to express their ideas.“There is an understanding about human sexuality, that it’s such a central part of students’ lives and development, and that it is important for the campus to provide spaces for the expression of it and exploration of it, which is of course what theater does,” Goldman said. I know there are areas of campus where there are still battles to be waged and silencing that happens and prejudice that happens.” Working With Restrictions According to university spokeswoman Rachel Pugh, the university’s official stance gives faculty the latitude to discuss sex and sexuality freely, but imposes some restrictions on those acting on behalf of the university on matters where sexual expression and traditional Catholic doctrine clash.

“But also, the way that the event occurred, you’d never have in a discussion about climate change on campus the requirement that half the audience is reserved for people who don’t believe in climate change, and that half the Q&A is reserved for people who don’t believe in climate change.” Amelia Irvine (COL ’19), former president of anti-abortion group GU Right to Life and current president of Love Saxa, an organization dedicated to promoting chastity and marriage between a man and a woman, said Georgetown’s Catholic values should inform the university’s free speech policies.But Goldman, who serves as the founding director of The Laboratory for Global Performance and Politics, said the nudity and adult content of the play, far from being gratuitous, did not preclude it from rendering the human experience in an honest, sophisticated way.According to Goldman, such productions are integral to conversations about sex on campus, particularly at a Catholic university as devoted to care of the whole person as Georgetown.The sex itself is a constant stopping and starting, looking around with wild squirrel eyes at every sound. Amrita Kulkarni, a third year, counters my opinion by saying that the whole point of having sex on campus is the risk involved. “My advice is, do your research on areas that need key-card access, and date a guy with parkour skills, then having sex on campus is simple,” Kulkarni shared.It is definitely not like the movies, in which it is hot and sexy. “It’s especially great to have sex in buildings in which you have your most intolerable classes. At least the next time you return to attend a physics class, you’ll know you’ve had your fair share of fun in it,” she continued. How to get in, where to go, and of course the later in the night it is, the more options appear.

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