Ubuntu 9 04 not updating

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In order to remote into your ubuntu machine, you have no other choice than using an alternate desktop environment (in our case its xfce).I find it quite irritating that we cannot have the xrdp package working with Unity or Gnome desktop environment.To configure this, from the terminal console, you will issue the following command At this stage, you should have a basic xrdp working solution.When I say basic, I mean that you can indeed connect to your remote Ubuntu machine but if you disconnect your session and try to connect again, you will each time open a new session.

I would love to see the same functionality in Ubuntu.

(Read below section in this post to see how you can reconnect to the same session) To test your xrdp solution, find the ip address of your linux machine (or use the name if you have DNS Infrastructure in place).

To find the ip address, issue the command As explained above, with no special configuration, the xrdp login screen keyboard layout is set to english by default.

This is one is working well but requires a little bit more effort. p=4168) The other one is to use the xrdp package from ubuntu repository and tweak some configuration files whil connected to the session.

This solution is really a workaround and it’s not our favourite one. p=4471) Here, we will use a third method that can be used if you use the xrdp pakcage from the ubuntu repository.

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